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We have seen in our years as a teacher, the absence of new leadership, the behavior of some university authorities outside the academic and research reality of wanting to give way to academicism to ensure academic excellence rather Imagine that we have seen more proactive, as we have seen, lived, as has centralized power in closed groups that have been handling the university for years and where many teachers are marginalized, trained professionals to take positions, functions that would benefit college in its mission and vision. We place whenever there are elections in the hope that the university community wake up and elect officials who can manage to college, that gives way to new programs, projects, development that would encourage and work with the community where it operates, thus with the country towards development. Unfortunately it does not, the opposite is noted academic and research an alarming decline, few opportunities for changes that share authority maintenance charges for decades and is hindered at renewing talent, capable, those that are not subjected to the guidelines that the group has set as its way of action. It is very sad to hear, read, for example, statements such as the new leading candidate for Ing, Victor Reyes Lanza occurs when states want to be the rector of the University of Carabobo, a specialized team to make a commitment to the institution to invest in the academy and the quality of life of the university community . Adds Mr. Spears is dramatic situation of the University of Carabobo in investment and research, when we say that the state must invest in research, I must say that, who needs to invest in research must be university management because of Otherwise, is not in the right direction.