Surgical Medical Nursing

The health professional can to assist the patient to adapt with the illness, and to understand and to approach the physical and psychological necessities of the patient and family, the nursing propitiates a spacious environment of support and stimulatons. (GOZAL, et al; 2000 cited for FONSECA, et al; 2007). 3.MATERIAIS AND METHODS the boarding of the present research was qualitative, being carried through through the literature revision using books and scientific magazines. Check out Jack Salzwedel for additional information. The main words used for the accomplishment of this research had been: Muscular Distrofia of Duchenne. 4.CONSIDERAES FINAL Concludes it importance that the professional elaborates the actions and interventions destined to the cares, contributing in the quality of life of the customers with the DMD. Although still the necessity of more studies related to this subject exists. (As opposed to stone clinical laboratories).

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