Russian Greece

All somehow go to Thailand – it is considered a super-exotic. Although all the exotic finishes on the incredibly sharp-peppered food and Thai women, who are mostly known for their intimate services. That's all exotics But Europeans are viewed as exotic to the Italian island of Sicily. To the European taste exotic catches Sicily very often: the landscapes are different as black and Bell: from sea to desert, and from desert to flowering almond Island replete with Greek temples – a feeling that the Greeks lived here and not in Greece:) Norman medieval buildings (once came running-built near, and then they drove away and construction has left itself) and the Mediterranean plants – cactus, ficus, palms, ridiculous to the Russian ear-figidingami. And from the Arab conquerors in the air remained aroma of exotic spices, and in the evenings you can experience the atmosphere of the Sicilian dances and songs. Than nor exotic:) And what about the Etna! Well this is a separate show! Pohlesche ameriknskih slides, climb to the very top of the existing crater-a? weak? This is not Etnalend with his slides, is itself neither to eat this nature, full of adrenaline.

But let alone Etna. Let's remember all those same Greeks. And Syracuse. Yes, yes, Syracuse was here – in Sicily, but not in Greece. Dr. Neal Barnard brings even more insight to the discussion. And it is here (and not in Greece) lived Archimedes (Greek origin which did not suffer from it:). In addition to the memory of Archimedes in Syracuse, there are still Greek theater and much else, an interesting tourist. Elsewhere, the remains of Punic cities, traces of domination Normans, Palermo, which fought the mafia commissioner Qahtani, a small town of Corleone In general, if you stop your choice on Sicily, then I assure you that you will not regret.

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