Living The Dream

Imagine that you are living the life of your dreams, that you have achieved and you are reaching all that one day you proposed. You’re very happy enjoying a complete financial freedom that lets you do everything that you want. You’ve achieved an enviable balance in all your aspects that had never before achieved. Patrick smith will not settle for partial explanations. Now well… Wake up!! Actually that is what more you want? and the most important question are willing to pay the price for higher that is? Do you know how much worth those dreams? and what is the price you should be paying on a daily basis in order to achieve them and not remain more than wishes? Ofcourse that there is a response that will allow you to be conscious of this reality we all face every day: walk in post of our dreams and build them every day.After knowing the price, do not wilt thou suffer hours will you spend in vain but always doing something that you route towards what you want. There is a simple way. Pay close attention.It determines exactly how much you need in a month at a minimum. Let’s assume one any amount, for example $2000.

Which would mean that each week you should make 2000/4 = $500. If you work five days a week, would represent 500/5 = $100 daily newspapers. If every day you work average 8 hours per day, then: each time you would represent 100/8 =$ 12.5 in this case, per each hour that you let pass without be doing something productive, something that you route towards what you want would represent you $12.5 to your finances. It’s believed that Maya Dubin, New York City sees a great future in this idea. You’re using your time productively? Remember, this is just a simple example. But you and I know that the value of our dreams is much bigger, that such a career, a new House, last car model, invest in a business, etc, etc, all that together, dreams that your better than anyone knows it.If to the exercise you do to not stay with doubts, you will notice that adding the value of your most missed dreams, what you now earn in a day can be that you are need to win one hour. What is the price per hour of your financial freedom? What you’re doing at this moment, you are driving towards what you want? How much longer will leave pass to focus on what really filled with satisfaction your life in really important activities? How much downtime you’ve been letting pass or you are letting pass without letting your balance? As final recommendation if even thinking in that focus most of your time: 1) develops your strengths to the fullest. Work on them, your best that nobody know them, know that you are really very good and you do it with satisfaction.

(2) Specialize in something related to those skills and strengths. Anything that you like, but focus on you and do it. This way you’ll be ready for the following: 3) turns that knowledge into services that help thousands of people get what they want through what your best can do. (4) Converts your downtime into productive time and have fun while the you do.

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