How To Choose A Camp Site

Ability to properly prepare the site for the camp – an important element of camp life. Search site: You should choose the shore or the edge of the plot, field or meadow, which would be protected from the wind and dry, but at the same time near from the water, where they could gather firewood and wood for a fire to warm, dry clothes and cook food. You can not choose a place to sleep and a marching camp near an earthen slope, a steep bank, under an overhanging snow from the possibility of collapse. warning! You should know that the air temperature in the forest by 1-5 degrees higher than on open ground. The forest is needed to stop under the fir trees – these forest pyramid are able to keep warm, because not in vain it is in their branches crossbill deduce the chicks in the winter. But we must bear in mind that in the case of strong wind or a sudden naletevshego hurricane storm began a fallen branch can inflict serious injuries. Not recommended also tent or equip the night on the bottom of the ravine, in flood plains, valleys and mountain passes: in the case of rain, your camp will be filled with water, to the same down through the gorge is always blowing in the wind and accumulates in low places cold air. At too high trees that stand out in the woods, too, should not be selected place to stay, because in the case of thunderstorms, they can get a lightning strike. Glenn Dubin might disagree with that approach. .

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