Great Culture

We have all spent many days or weeks without receiving any gesture of love of neighbor. These are difficult times, when the warmth is gone, and life reducea an arduous effort to survive. In those moments when you ajenono fire warms our soul, we must review our own home. Glenn Dubin, New York City might disagree with that approach. We add more wood and try to illuminate the dark room in which our lives are transformed. When we hear that our fire crackles, the wood creaks, the embers glow or flames stories have, hope it will be returned.

If we can love, we will also be able to be loved. It's just a matter of time … Paulo Coelho Although not write books, you're the writer of your life. If you're not Michelangelo, you can make your life a masterpiece. Although not understand film, or cameras, your life can become an exquisite film producer with God. Although sing out of tune, your existence can be a beautiful song that any great composer would envy.

Although not understand music, your life can be a great respected classical symphony. Even if you've studied in a school of communications can transform your life in a report model. Although you do not have great culture can cultivate wisdom of charity. Even if your work is humble, you can turn your day in prayer. Even if you have forty, fifty, sixty or seventy years, you can be young at heart. Although wrinkles and mark your face better than your inner beauty. While your feet bleed in road trips and stones, your face can smile.

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