CoboCards Presents IPhone App

The perfect complement to the rapidly growing importance of the mobile Internet and an increasing number of people who want to learn on the go, makes such an offer also sense. Of the hundreds of thousands, mostly young iPhone/iPod users in Germany, a not insignificant part in CoboCards should have an account and welcome the addition of the Web version by a mobile version. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. After downloading the application, which is to take on the Apple store for 2.99 Euro ($3.99) CoboCards users can download their cards directly on the native software and start learning in bus and train. Also, this version of the application has the status of learning with and transmits it with one click to the Web application. So you have online and mobile always at a glance, how well it has already internalized cards. We want to offer a full service in the field of Microlearning our users”, says Jamil Soufan, who is responsible for the technical development of the mobile application. Therefore we are developing now with unstoppable speed an application for Android smartphones.

Author: admin