Chewinggum Flowers

If the Dr. Bach discovered that the famous remedies florares that it also elaborated in drops they would use almost a century later in chewing-gum, would take a quite great surprise. Although knowing, by his biography, of his open and pioneering style, certainly it would seem to him well. And, in fact, the Flowers of Bach already existed in spray and cream, and chewing-gum are one more a form of many than surely people will buy. The Dr. Bach, connoisseur like the wise people of the antiquity that the origin of many physical diseases is in the subtle bodies, created the therapy that takes its name with 38 remedies corresponding to 38 emotions.

The flowers of Bach, macerations of water flowers, work at vibracional level and are a therapy very extended, effective to balance and to harmonize emotional and psychic upheavals, without indirect effect and that work in children and animal especially well. Chewing-gum of Flowers of Bach are a inovativo product of the German mark Lemon Pharma that it distributes in Spain EsenciLuz, and they appear in 4 flavors and with 4 concrete benefits to have them always available of fast, simple and discreet form. These chewing-gum have been developed in collaboration with naturpatas, naturistas doctors and pharmaceutical, each contains different flowers, as it is detailed in the Web and the indications of each type are the following: ENERGY. Force and vigor TRANQUILLITY and calm CONCENTRATION. Clarity and certainty SELF-CONFIDENCE. Value and security These chewing-gum contain alcohol, neither sugar, nor aspartame nor gluten. They take xilitol and they are apt for children. Obvious, these chewing-gum are not equivalent to, nor exclude the customized formula that us can prepare an expert therapist in floral remedies, simply are a resource to consider to for determined situations, like a species of medicine kit of floral car-therapy. Official site:

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