Continued High Development Potential In The Turkish B2C E-Commerce

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Nov 172016

About 40% of the Turkish population, Turkey B2C E-Commerce report the year 2011 2012 used the Internet. With broadband connections per 100 inhabitants ranked Turkey still far behind Germany and the United States. But nearly a quarter of Internet users of the mobile Internet took in the first quarter of 2012. Thus further development potential exists in the B2C E-Commerce, in Turkish. Clothing and electronics, especially popular in the Turkish online trade in Turkey used about 60% of the population the Internet to find information about products and services”to gain. Accordingly over 20% of Internet users buy online products and services for private use. The share of sales in the field of B2C E-commerce in total retail sales accounted for more than 5%. “” “” After the Turkey B2C E-Commerce report 2012 “by the most popular product categories with online buyers are clothing, sporting goods,” electronic equipment “, household goods” and food “.

Group Shopping in Turkey of the leading competitors in Turkey in relation to the B2C E-commerce was always more successful sales 2011 generalist, followed by the private shopping site and electronics online shop and generalist generates a low single-digit percentage of its sales by customers outside of Turkey. B2C E-commerce generated sales of nearly 100 million USD in 2011. There is also a selling additional shares in 2011 at eBay, in many product categories, one of the most popular online stores in Turkey. Private shopping website, which belongs to the German OTTO group, is among the most popular online shops for fashion. In addition Group shopping Web sites are always successful in Turkey. Within the 12 months until may 2012, Web pages achieved growth with regard to attendance by more than 40% of this category.

First First bu, heir opportunity (GroupOn), and Yakala co were here among the leading Competitors. Total B2C E-commerce market in Turkey has made already significant progress, but mainly due to the young, technology-related population, as well as due to high investments from abroad, is still a high development potential. For more information about the report, see: y

EEG Language

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Nov 172016

This Syndrome does not occur for genetic inheritance, however it is fruit of an internal mutation of chromosome X, justifying the biggest incidence in the women. The girls if become anxious irritadias and start to make movements estereotipados with the hands. When bigger they can recoup part of the capacity to interact socially, however the psicomotor damage does not present regressions. (VARELLA, 2010) 3) Another illness that presents similar symptoms to the one of the Autismo is the Desintegrativa Disturbance of Infncia (PDI), that it is characterized for loss of the language, of the necessity and pleasure to establish visual contact loss of the not verbal communication, as to point objects. See more detailed opinions by reading what Neal D. Barnard offers on the topic.. It occurs in the five first years of life, obligatorily. According to Schwartzman (2006), the children who present this upheaval execute normal and appropriate activities to the age, however from the 2 years of life and, before the 10, the child she suffers alterations that take the significant losses of the communicative processes, mannering and social.

It is also known as syndrome of Heller, infantile dementia or desintegrativa psychosis e, can present alterations the neurological level, generating even though, mental retardation, with presence of abnormalitys in EEG (Eletroencefalograma). According to DSM-IV-TR (2003), the criteria for disgnostic evaluation of the PDI are: pparently normal Development, at least during the 2 first years after the birth, revealed for the presence of verbal and not-verbal communication, social relationships, appropriate games and adaptativo behavior to the age. clinically significant Loss of acquired abilities already (before the 10 years) in at least two of the following areas: (1) expressive or receptive language (2) social abilities or adaptativo behavior (3) intestinal or vesical control (4) games (5) motor abilities Abnormalitys of the functioning in at least two of the following areas: (1) qualitative damage in the social interaction.

Nutrition Center

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Nov 122016

Creatine is a compound that is found naturally, but in small doses, in the human organism. We get creatine on the feeding of meat and fish, but the truth is that quantities that we get with the food are really minimal and to achieve the benefits of increase in performance that produces the creatine we would have to eat 2 pounds of red meat little made every day such quantities are impossible to digest so creatine supplements have become enormously popular. This compound can be generated in the kidneys using various amino acids available in the body such as L-arginine, the glycine and L-methionine by which people take creatine? We are facing a substance produced by our own bodies, so the vast majority of sports associations support this supplement as legal and it can be easily purchased in any Nutrition Center for athletes: maintain a dose high in the body increases physical and sports performance in general, making one of the supplements more popular market. Studies indicate that creatine enhances performance in high-intensity efforts and short duration, increasing the production of ATP, the source of power for short periods of time but high effort. Here, Dr. John Mcdougall expresses very clear opinions on the subject. This creatine has demonstrated its effectiveness in exercises such as sprints and weightlifting, although its effectiveness in longer efforts like a marathon, are virtually nil.

Creatine also reduces muscle depletion, as it seems to reduce the levels of lactic acid, a component of causative waste part of muscular exhaustion (and annoying stiffness later).Also some studies seem to indicate that creatine can increase muscle mass, it is believed that it is since the creatine carries more water to the muscles doing they become more bulky. Many are those who use creatine and noticed an increase in strength, muscle size, and weight gain. Also the creatine is used in therapies for diseases that cause weakness or muscle atrophy, such as muscular dystrophy, with good results.

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Social Cancer

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Nov 052016

If you to stick a thorn in the skin and not to remove, after some days will see that in return of it a purulento liquid appeared. This liquid is formed by bacteria and the leukocytes, the white globules of the blood, that surround the invader (the thorn) as form to protect the body and defending of external attacks. Learn more on the subject from Assurant Health. Of this form the proper human body in the sample that possesss its defenses against attacks of the stranger. Throughout History always the ecloso of social movements if rebelling against determined situations was attended, either for the will of a minority discontents, either for the proper magnitude of the society that, frequent, rejects the old one, the exceeded one, what stranger for more not being fit in the dynamic process of mutation of the fabric became social. When Advising Antonio created the Arraial de Canudos, in the Bahia, and gathered up an enormous population to its redor the objective one was to live in peace, running away from the falseness, of the hypocrisy and of it he defames treatment that the powerful ones excused to them. But this distanciamento received weighed accusations of that they judged that aggression to the effective social order; the arraial was destroyed and all its population lost under the bullets of the metal rings and cannons of the Brazilian Army fulfilling orders of the powerful leading classroom. Additional information is available at Bristol-Myers Squibb. The exploration and disobediences powerful of the poor and desassistida population would justify, immediately afterwards, the sprouting of the cangaceiros, that infernizaram the Northeast for much time, for unquitness of the politicians and desperation of ‘ ‘ coronis’ ‘.

But the cangaceiros had been fought to the exhaustion until it tumbled most famous of them and cangao started to meager until disappearing. Since then the social situation of the region moved, but without exageros. The Power always pursued and punished with strongest violence the ones that if atreveram to confront the right of exploring and oppressing weakkest. The current society cries out the full pulmes, denouncing that the effective social order is of the recognized standards of coherence for common-sense. The inhabitants of the slum quarters cry out and cry out boys who vendem bullets in the traffic lights to help its families. The adolescents cry out who if prostituem in the streets, while its parents cry out because they had not been capable to support its families and are obliged if to recognize impotent ahead of the social chaos that they had not provoked, therefore are only defenseless victims and a number more in the statisticians of the moral setback. The humble mother who, exactly aflita, waits patiently, with the son in the col cries out, its time of being taken care of in the Public Hospital; the victim of the lost bullet cries out, gone off does not know itself, if for the policeman who fulfilled orders to guarantee the social tranquilidade, if for the meliantes that denounce (and they play in our faces) the failure of this partner-economic model praised and supported by the cupidez insensata of the Status agonizing Quo. The prisoners enjaulados in the dungeons cry out; the disoriented young cries out that searchs in the drugs escape and consolation for the misfortunes of its needy existences. We cry out all.